Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe®) according to Dr. Randoll

Matrix Rhythm Therapy originated in fundamental research in cell biology at Erlangen University in Germany. In the context of this research investigations, carried out with the help of video microscopes, revealed that all living human cells vibrate in a coherent manner, rhythmically pulsating.

It is a general phenomenon, not limited to human beings, that the cells of all living organisms vibrate in a partially synchronized way. From these individual vibrations, cooperative rhythms emerge which are essential to the living process. In the human body the most powerful “master clock” for these rhythms is the skeletal musculature whose cells make up 45% of the mass of the whole body and constitute the body’s single largest organ.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe®) alleviates pain and discomfort and assists in overcoming the symptoms of muscular and skeletal conditions, for example after operations and in the context of rehabilitation.

The symptoms of an illness are derailed processes

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is effective above all for conditions which derive from process disturbances in the body. When basic processes do not function correctly, cell vibrations are reduced. As a result the relevant tissues are no longer adequately supplied in terms of the necessary transport of energy and materials to and from the cells. In the case of illnesses, the supply of the cells and processes coupled with them is disturbed, modified or even comes to a standstill (death). Matrix Rhythm Therapy activates the critical tissue regions in such a way that the normal synchronous vibrations are re-established, thereby restoring the biogeometry. In this way it is possible to relieve and prevent painful muscle tensions which result from alterations in muscles, bone vessels and nerves. The symptoms disappear.
The musculoskeletal system in focus

Working in the Department of Trauma Surgery at the University of Erlangen, Dr. Ulrich Randoll developed Matrix Rhythm Therapy into a method of clinical therapy. Based on his experience there, Matrix Rhythm Therapy is effective above all for symptoms involving the sinews, muscles and ligaments, and for problems following operations. In the area of sports medicine Matrix Rhythm Therapy can accelerate the regeneration of muscles, sinews and nerves after a competition.

The therapy uses a special device (the Matrixmobil®) which acts via mechanical and magnetic vibrations to coherently stimulate the natural vibrations of the skeletal musculature and nerves. Through the effect of “entrainment” of vibrations, the processes that transport materials and energy to and from the cells are strengthened and brought back into balance.

Today process derailments are recognized more and more as being central to the genesis of symptoms. Thus, by improving the “logistics” of the cells Matrix Rhythm Therapy addresses the root causes of illness. A clear improvement is usually noticeable already after the first treatment.

Dr. Günther Beck & Dr. Gerhard Beck are trained matrix therapists and Dr. Günther Beck is an official Matrix Health Partner.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is indicated in the following areas, among others:

  • Neck tension
  • Pains in the joints
  • Headaches
  • Lack of concentration
  • Aching limbs at rest or in motion
  • Back pain
  • Disorders of wound healing
  • Muscle shortening and muscle hardening
  • Fibrosis of connective tissue
  • Calcaneal spur
  • Polyneuropathy


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