CRS® – your metabolic tuning

“A good metabolism strengthens the body, mind and spirit.”

The CRS® Analysis System is the first instrument in the world that provides a noninvasive method for analyzing the metabolic regulation of cells. An optical measurement is carried out on the ball of the hand, taking just a few seconds. A sensor measures the fluorescent radiation of endogenous metabolites.

The analysis of this data immediately generates a graphic representation of the individual metabolic status, including the current micronutrient requirements. From these individual parameters it is possible to determine whether the metabolism is balanced or if deficiencies are present.

The rapid measurement encompasses 14 parameters linked to the current status of metabolic regulation and 14 additional indicators which, taken together, permit conclusions to be drawn concerning various metabolic processes and their regulation.

In addition you are informed about your momentary metabolic type. This means that we can determine what the ideal composition of carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be for your daily nutrition. In addition indications are provided, for example, about whether or not you are able to digest raw vegetables at the given moment.

Dr. Gerhard Beck & Dr. Günther Beck make use of their experience with thousands of measurements to give you the best possible individual advice and consultation.

Your personal metabolic tuning:

  • Noninvasive metabolic analysis
  • Individual dietary management
  • Personal guidance
  • Easy implemention
  • An enjoyable pathway to your healthy ”feel-good“ weight
  • Let yourself be delighted!

Your benefits:

  • Harmonizing the metabolism
  • Weight regulation by optimizing your body composition
  • More life energy
  • No tedious fasting
  • No Yo-Yo effect



Please fill out the following questionnaire and contact us so that we can find a common strategy for diagnostics and therapy that is optimally suited to your individual case.



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