(BE-T-A) Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis according to Prof. Vincent

BE-T-A is a physical and also biochemical measuring technique by which the so-called biological terrain of illnesses or substances can be identified and described.

Every living organism needs a certain terrain in order to live. Non-pathogenic bacteria multiply in a different terrain than pathogenic ones. Viruses, in turn, require their own terrain, which is completely different from those of pathogenic bacteria. The terrain in which cancer arises is known exactly, just as the corresponding terrains for thrombosis and heart attacks, or those for neuroses or tuberculosis or polio.

“Then the illness will die”

Prof. Vincent says: “If you take away the milieu which an illness feeds upon, then the illness will die!” In order to take away the terrain which an illness depends on, the therapist must first identify the terrain characteristics which favor the development of that illness.

The procedure:

In contrast to the conventional laboratory diagnostic procedure of your doctor – in which the amounts of vitamins, trace elements, uric acid, liver parameters, blood sugar and many other biological parameters of your organism are analyzed in a specialized laboratory – Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis according to Prof. Vincent is based on the analysis of the body’s three basic fluids.

The biological terrain is characterized with the help of three specifically targeted measurements, in which the pH, rH2 and R parameters of the blood, saliva and urine are determined:

  • the blood values provide information about all immunological processes
  • the saliva values give information about the digestion
  • the urine values provide information about excretion processes

The pH-value is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions, and provides information about the acid-base balance.

The rH2-value measures the reduction and oxidation processes in the metabolic process.

The R-value measures the sum of the electrolytes and indicates the amounts of minerals and mineral salts which are present.

From these values and their mutual correlations it is possible to determine the patient’s risk of disease and to initiate corresponding specific preventative measures.

Areas of application:

BE-T-A is best suited for application in the context of early detection of illnesses and in preventive medicine. With its help the following conditions, among others, can be detected early and treated accordingly:

  • bacterial and viral infections
  • disturbances of the acid-base balance
  • chronic intoxication
  • malignant disease
  • mineral deficiencies
  • intestinal mycosis
  • acute disorders of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas
  • chronic prostatis
  • thrombosis tendency
  • diabetic metabolism status
  • anemia and polyglobulia

An additional area of application is monitoring the progress of an ongoing therapeutic process, permitting measured parameters to be compared with each other and conclusions to be drawn concerning the therapeutic effect of the chosen measures.



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