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Prevention is the foundation for sustained health, vitality and quality of life. The foremost goal is to maintain health and, in case of illness, to bring about a holistic recovery – ideally through a sustained activation of the body’s own self-healing powers. This approach not only reduces symptoms, but also treats their cause – gently and in depth.

Dr. Gerhard Beck and Dr. Günther Beck combine years of experience in the area of holistic medical diagnostics together with innovative natural healing and energy medicine as well as sports medicine. Based on this experience they developed the vitalis med concept according to Dr. Beck: a holistic package consisting of an innovative method, based on principles of natural medicine, for characterizing disturbances of the regulatory system and blockages in the healing process, combined with classical diagnostics and therapies which are precisely adapted to the individual patient.

In order to maintain stable health or to restore health, Beck & Beck believe it is essential to intervene in the following areas:

Energy | energy budget & immune system
Mind | mental fitness & spiritual strength
Nutrition | balanced individual nutrition and suitable supplements
Detox | metabolism and detoxification
Move | body fitness